Nagina Cotton Mills Limited

Corporate Profile

Established in 1967, Nagina Cotton Mills Limited (Winner of Forbes Global Award “Best under a Billion-200”) is the mother company of Nagina Group. The company operates state of the art spinning machinery comprising of 51,708 Spindles with related process machines. Latest equipment from Japan, Europe and China allow production of high quality spun yarns in carded and combed versions for use in high speed looms and knitting machines. The directors are pleased to report that the prestigious International business magazine FORBES included Nagina Cotton Mills Limited in their list of “Best under a billion – 200”. According to FORBES “Our list of 200 successful companies outside the U.S. is drawn from among 19,000 publicly traded concerns with annual sales below $1 billion. We screened out most corporations that did not have operating margins of at least 5% in the latest year and average returns on equity of at least 5% over the past five, aiming for businesses that were profitable and that rewarded shareholders. A handful of companies that failed these tests were considered if they had outstanding results otherwise. The remaining 4,000-odd concerns were graded against one another using various dollar-based performance measures, and the top 500 reviewed for inclusion on this list. “ Click here to view FORBES article


  • Rieter blow room complete
  • Rieter Cards C-70 and C-80
  • Reiter combers E-86 and E-90
  • Reiter auto leveled draw frames
  • Marzoli FT-6D simplex and Toyoda FL-16 simplex
  • Toyota ring frames RX-300 with:
    • Toyota compact EST-3
    • Siro Yarn attachment
    • Toyota Fancy yarn attachment (Slub, Multicount etc)
    • Pinter attachment for Core Spun yarn, Dual Core
    • Novibra Spindles
  • Savio auto coners Polar and Link Pulsar with Leopfe 900i and Uster Quantum-3 & Quantum-4 yarn clearance with FF channel


  • 6/1 to 32/1 carded 100% cotton yarns under brand name “Sweet Pea”
  • 10/1 to 50/1, combed 100% cotton yarns Under brand name “Sweet Pea”
  • Core yarns with “Lycra ®” from Dupont, Spandex from Cerora. Count ranges from 7/1 to 40/1 for both carded and combed yarns in a variety of deniers.
  • 20/2, 24/2, 30/2, 40/2, carded and combed yarns. Brand: Angothi
  • Ring Plain, Compact yarns ,  Siro Yarns , Slub Yarns ,  Siro Slub yarns , Multicount yarn ,  Core yarn with slub from computer assisted facilities. More than 300 patterns available.