Prosperity Weaving Mills Ltd.


To be the market leader by being the best and providing the best.



Being one of the leading manufacturers of high quality greige fabric for apparel and home furnishing, we are committed to produce high quality product for customer satisfaction. Our mission is to continuously improve our products and service for our worldwide customers and to provide a better return to our shareholders. We believe in keeping our production facilities equipped with the modern technologies by continuous upgrading to be competitive in the markets. We strive towards building log-term and better relationship with our suppliers. We care for our employees by providing them a healthy and safe working environment and opportunity for growth through learning and experience. We do have a social responsibility towards our community in which we operate and we are committed to safety, health and environment in all our operations.


Permissible business activities


  1. To own, set up, erect, install, establish or acquire by purchase, lease or merger, mills and factories for Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing and finishing, manufacture produce textile, yarn, cloth, garment and other textile products.
  2. To import, purchase, manufacture, process and/or dispose of or sell plant, machinery, components, parts and accessories, chemicals, dyes metals and or other materials and goods which the company may itself require or trade in.
  3. T deal in and carry on business as importers, exporters, agents, suppliers or otherwise, stock, manufacture, process, finish , purchase, sell or otherwise deal in all sorts of natural, man-made or synthetic fibers, yarn, cloth, garments, their products and/or bye products.
  4. To construct, set up and operate power stations to generate electric power for supply of electric power to the company’s mills, factories and to others and to set up and install cables, wires, transmission lines and works to supply electricity and;
  5. Allied activities covered in the Memorandum of Association of the Company.


  • Public Interest Company